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Monthly Finance Plans

Low & 0% interest monthly finance plans

After you have had your free consultation and discussed your suitable treatment options, we will be able to look at finance plans to meet your needs.

Our finance plans can be either 0% interest (6-12months) or low interest (24-36 months) subject to status.

Key points of our finance plans:

  • Our credit supplier is a leading dental finance house
  • 0% APR facilities over 6 -12 months available
  • Low interest 9.9% APR facilities over 24 and 36 months available
  • £600 minimum transaction for 0%
  • £1000 minimum transaction for 9.9%
  • Spread your treatment cost over a suitable time period to meet your needs
  • Finance plans can be more affordable than bank loans or credit cards
  • Very easy to set up and paid via direct debit on the same day each month

Tamworth Dental & Implant Clinic is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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