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Patient Registrations

Registering new patients at our clinic

If you are looking for a new dental practice, we are accepting new patient registrations. Please feel free to either call us or fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a member of the team will be in contact shortly.

Our new patient exams cost £42 – and this will be the same price for the 6 monthly check ups.

For the hygiene visits (Scale & Polish), the price will be £55 or you can decide to have the airflow jet polish at £95 (which is a powerful way to clean your teeth).

Maintaining your teeth is an important aspect of preventative dentistry to help reduce the chances of needing fillings or even developing gum disease. We recommend that each year patients have the minimum of:

  • 2 check ups a year
  • 2 scale and polish visits a year (to effectively reduce the build up of plaque that everyday brushes cannot remove)
  • 2 small dental xrays to be carried out every 2 years (£8 each)

How Much Will This Cost?

For our recommended dental care each year it would cost £84 for the 6 monthly check ups and £110 for the 2 scale & polishes – for a total of £194 a year.

Making Regular Dental Care More Affordable

We offer a flexible monthly denplan which helps break up the overall cost of dental care. These plans include the basic recommended care as well as additional benefits:

  • *£174 a year (£14.50 a month) – Denplan Essentials 1 (2 check ups, 2 hygiene visits and x-rays)

(*The plans also includes a 15% discount on most additional treatments – Please ask for more details)

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