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Magic Aligners

Magic Aligner Braces

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What Are The Magic Aligners?

Magic aligners (often known as BracketSAR), are a removable brace option that utilises a multibracket technique to straighten your teeth with precision and comfort. The aligners have been designed to achieve the results you are after, but to also blend in with your teeth for a more discrete treatment.

What Makes Magic Aligners Different?

The most common complaints related to an aligner based system, is the length of time it takes to straighten teeth compared against the more traditional fixed metal braces. This is down to the design of most aligner systems, where they don’t have an arch wire which provides a lot of the power behind faster straightening.

With magic aligners they have developed a way of bringing the best of both worlds, with a removable clear aligner system, that also utilises an archwire for faster treatment times.

magic aligners

Are Magic Aligners Suitable For Me?

Like all braces we offer, some systems may be better suited than others for your case. Magic aligners can be used for various complaints:

Crowding – If you suffer from crowding of the teeth, magic aligners can be used to correct this problem. We always recommend wearing the braces for the majority of the day (for faster treatment times), and only to take out when required (eating, drinking etc).

Misalignment – if your teeth are not 100% aligned with each other, then the magic aligner could also be a suitable brace to treat this problem.

Displacements/rotations – If you have teeth that have rotated out of position or been displaced (out of the normal position) then magic aligners may be a suitable option for you.

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