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How Long Will It Take To Whiten My Teeth?

At our clinic we are able to offer a variety of different teeth whitening treatments that can be used to brighten and whiten your teeth. Depending on the exact treatment you decide to go ahead with, the speed of which your teeth are whitened will vary.

The more popular whitening treatments that we offer

Home Teeth Whitening – Trays and whitening solution
Zoom Laser Whitening – Dentist chair side whitening
Combination Teeth Whitening – Both of the above together

Home Whitening – How Fast Are The Results?

Home whitening uses custom made trays and a whitening solution to brighten your teeth. The trays are made to fit the exact measurements of your mouth for a nice and snug fit. The gel is carefully put in each tooth groove of the tray and is then worn for a specific amount of time. The dentist will advise you on how long you need to wear the whitening kit and for how many consecutive days. Generally speaking, it will be around 14 consecutive days the whitening kit will need to be used for. After these 14 days you will notice that your teeth have been whitened and a review appointment will be made with the dentist to ensure you are happy with the shade of your teeth. One of the main benefits of the home kit is the fact you can top up your whitening effects at least once a month, to maintain your teeth how you like them.

Zoom Laser Whitening – How Fast Are The Results?

This is an in the chair, in house whitening treatment that uses the zoom laser technology to whiten the teeth. The patient is prepared with the protective gear to protect the eyes and gums. The teeth are then carefully covered with the zoom whitening gel. The zoom laser is then pointed at the teeth and the laser activates the whitening properties of the gel. This treatment lasts about an hour long and when you leave the dentists chair your teeth will be noticeably whiter.

Combination Teeth Whitening – How Fast Are The Results?

This treatment utilises the best of both worlds as it is a combination of the home whitening and zoom laser whitening. The results are just as quick as both of them on their own, but it enables the patient to have stronger whitening of the zoom, but the effects will last longer and be maintained by the home whitening.

Free Teeth Whitening Consultations

We offer free consultations so we can asses your teeth and discuss what options will be the most suitable to meet your needs. We will look at the shade of your teeth and explain which options may be the best for your case. Please do not hesitate to call us today and book your free consultation.

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