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What Do Fizzy Drinks Do To Your Teeth?

Drinks that are high in sugar can be one of the main reasons behind the increase of tooth decay in our population. Sugary sweets, foods and drinks aid the bacteria/plaque that grows on the surfaces of our teeth. The plaque uses sugar as a substance that helps to speed up its growth. As plaque builds up it produces an acid which will corrode away the surfaces of your teeth, causing holes and cavities. It is quite common that as cavities appear you may start to feel sensitivity or pain as the nerve of the tooth becomes exposed due to the holes, or as debris ends up getting trapped in the cavities. Brushing your teeth and practicing a healthy oral hygiene routine is very important at breaking up the build up of plaque, reducing the chances of cavities appearing.

What does fizzy drinks do to your teeth?


When holes in the teeth appear the dentist will advise you that a filling may be required to fill the now present hole. This will help stop any debris or bacteria from getting inside the tooth, to stop an infection inside the tooth. If cavities are left untreated and the tooth decays at a faster rate (causing an infection inside the tooth), it is quite likely for that tooth to then require a root canal to save the tooth. The infection will attack the nerve of the tooth (causing a lot of pain and discomfort). A root canal is when the tooth is cleaned on the inside, removing any bacteria and debris in attempt to save the tooth. If the tooth is saveable, the tooth will then be root filled to prevent any further infection. However, depending on the state of the tooth it might not always be possible to save the tooth. In these cases, we will always explain the risks associated with a root canal and what gap management options will be available to you, so you can make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed.

Caring For Your Teeth

Its important to keep an eye on your teeth to help minimise the chances of any complications from developing. By having regular dental checks we will be able to help maintain your teeth and spot any issues which could be a cause for a concern in the future. If you are interested in registering with our practice for your general dental healthcare or you would like to book a free consultation to discuss a particular treatment, please do not hesitate to call us today.

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