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Are Metal Braces Better Than Invisible Braces?

Both types of braces have been designed for specific tooth correction situations. What this means is, depending on the severity of your teeth and which teeth are in need of straightening, one brace may be more suitable for you than another. Typically speaking, if you have very crooked teeth and there is a need for your roots to be corrected as well, you may find that you will get the best results with a fixed brace, such as Damon. With modern advances in the dentistry field, it is now possible to have fixed braces (like Damon) that also have a clear option, so you get the best of both worlds with discrete treatment and an effective straightening method that corrects your main complaints.


What Invisible Options Are Available?

One of the more popular systems we are able to offer, is Invisalign. This system comprises of a series of clear invisible removable aligners that are worn in sequence one after the other (changing roughly every two weeks). This is a very discrete option and blends in nicely with your smile, but one of the main constraints of an aligner system is the fact it can mean your in treatment for longer than if you had opted for a fixed option.

Another popular system we can offer is STB lingual braces. This is a fixed option but with a twist. The brace is fitted to the backs of your teeth so you get the gentle power of a fixed brace to straighten your teeth, but it will be completely invisible to everyone else, allowing for a discrete and enjoyable treatment.

What Fixed Braces Are Available?

At our practice we are able to offer an extensive range of braces so we can meet many different patient’s needs, allowing the patient to choose a system that will accommodate their lifestyle. One of the most popular fixed braces we offer is a cosmetic brace known as 6 month smiles. This is a short term orthodontic option that cosmetically focuses on straightening the visible parts of the teeth (crowns, caps etc). For cases that may require the roots to be re-positioned, damon braces tends to also be a popular option.

What System Will Be The Most Suitable For Me?

We understand by offering so many systems it can be very confusing for patients to know what benefits each system will give them. This is why we offer free consultations so we can discuss your needs in detail and then send a treatment plan outlining your options to you.

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