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Dentures Vs Implant Retained Dentures

If you have lost a whole set (or both sets of your teeth), or your teeth are currently failing and the prognosis looks poor (chance of teeth surviving), then you may be considering a gap management option to replace these teeth. The most common and traditional method is with dentures.


What Are Dentures?

Dentures are custom made sets of teeth which will act as your new teeth. It is a common misconception that they will be uncomfortable and ill-fitting. At our clinic we work closely with a dental technician who hand crafts the dentures to the exact measurements of the patients mouth. What this means is, the denture will be better fitting, comfortable, and will function more like your natural teeth than you thought could of been possible.

When deciding to go ahead with a denture, it is important to understand one of the main constrains of dentures is the inevitable changes in your mouth that will occur due to no teeth. This is called bone resorption. With no teeth you jawbone will shrink over a period of time (this will vary from person to person). This means that your once well fitted denture will start to feel loose and not as snug as before. This isn’t a major problem as you may think, as the dental technician can reline the denture to accommodate your new measurements, making it once again snug!

How Do Dental Implants Help?

If you are interested in a more securer option, then dental implants may be an ideal treatment for you. The implants will be placed within the jawbone and will anchor in the denture (known as overdentures) securely in place. This is considered the gold standard in gap management as it is very secure and helps to stabilise the mouth. One of the main benefits associated with implants is the fact it can promote healthy bone growth and put a hold on the affects of bone resorption.

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