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Getting Dental Implants In Tamworth

Dental implants are a modern and exciting way to replace missing teeth. The implant will act as a new root that will then anchor in the restoration on top. The restoration will vary depending on your exact individual case. For example, if you have a single tooth missing it could be a porcelain crown that is securely attached to your implant. If you have multiple missing teeth, it could vary from a dental bridge to a full overdenture.


Local Dental Implant Dentist

Our resident dental implants dentist has placed many implants over the years and he is committed to his on-going professional development. Dr Faresh Desai offers free consultations for patients who are looking into getting dental implants. At the free consultation, he will asses your mouth and current situation to see if you would be a suitable candidate for dental implants. Its important to understand that to successfully place a dental implant, there needs to be sufficient bone in the jaw for the implant to fuse with. In more severe cases, a bone graft may be required before we are able to enter the implant placement phase.

In the extreme case that implants are not a suitable option for you, we will explore other suitable options that will meet your needs.

Dental Sedation Is Available

At our Tamworth based clinic we are happy to offer our patients the options of having their treatments with dental sedation. In the case of having dental implants, we understand that for a procedure of this size, patients may feel more comfortable with sedation. Dental sedation is a great way for patients to enjoy a stress free way of receiving treatment. This is especially true for nervous patients. When we administer the IV sedation, the patient will feel very relaxed and blissfully unaware of what is happening. You won’t be fully under, but you won’t remember the actual treatment during and after. You will require a chaperone to take you home after as you will still be unaware.

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