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How Do I Register As A New Private Patient?

We are a local and friendly private dental practice in the Tamworth area that are registering new patients. To register with us is very simple, please just call us and book your new patient exam on a day that suits your needs. At this exam we will discuss your previous medical history and then examine your teeth, gums and mouth, charting any previous dental work e.g. fillings, crowns, missing teeth etc. We will check for any signs of oral cancer. If required, we may take an OPG xray for further investigation.


Any Potential Problems Spotted

If we notice any potential problems such as cavities (holes in teeth), inflammation, gum recession etc we will always discuss with you our findings. If additional work is required to make you achieve dental health, we will explain the associated costs and then book the subsequent visits if you are happy to proceed with treatment.

Dental Plans To Meet Your Needs

We understand that a barrier to dental health can be linked to the associated costs. We have designed a dental plan which is a membership scheme that patients can join. The plan consists of a low monthly membership fee and would entitle the patient for regular dental health care, with a discount on further treatment (e.g. fillings etc).

Even though the patient would be paying a monthly membership fee, the visits that are included in the membership would be less than a pay as you go patient, meaning the plan can save you money on regular dental care each year.

Free Consultations For Treatments

If you are looking for more information on a particular treatment, such as dental implants, braces etc, we would be more than happy to arrange a free consultation with the dentist who offers that treatment, so they can assess your suitable options and then write you a tailor made treatment plan.

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