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What Is A Gummy Smile?

Are you conscious about your smile? Do you feel as though you are showing too much of your gums? People with gummy smiles tend to avoid smiling as they are embarrassed by their appearance, which results in low self confidence.


What Are Gummy Smiles?

A gummy smile is when you have a large portion of gum showing when you talk or smile. Even though this is perfectly normal, people with gummy smiles can feel self conscious, as they are often not aesthetically pleasing, however a gummy smile can be can be dealt with via various treatment options.

What Can Cause Gummy Smiles?

Short upper lip – If your upper lip is short it can show off too much gum which gives a gummy smile look.
Abnormal erupting teeth – If your teeth have grown abnormally it can make the gums look bigger giving the appearance of a gummy smile.
Child development – In children if spotted early enough, braces can sort out a gummy smile.

How Do You Treat A Gummy Smile?

Laser reshaping – We would carefully cut away some of the gum with a laser
Orthodontics – This works better in children because as they grow braces can help shape the teeth to avoid a gummy smile from forming
Anti-Ageing Injections – We would carefully inject some anti ageing serum into the upper lip, which would relax the muscle so that it flops down and hides the look of a gummy smile

How Much Does Treatment Of A Gummy Smile Cost?

We offer various treatments to deal with a gummy smile. However not all of them will be suitable for you, so to get the best treatment at the best price, we offer free consultations with one of our dental professionals.

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