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What Is Dental Sedation?

Sedation is a very popular and effective treatment in modern dentistry that allows patients who would of been too scared to attend the dentist, receive the treatment, effectively and efficiently.


How Does Sedation Work?

It is not possible to be put fully under at a dentist but IV sedation is the next best available step. The patient will be gently administered the sedation through a small injection into the arm. This sedation will quickly work and create a state of unawareness of their surroundings, feeling, and the work being carried out. The patient will be able to answer any questions the dentists ask but will not have any recollection of the treatment afterwards.

Popular With Nervous Patients

We find that this is a very popular way to have treatment for nervous patients who have had a bad experience in the past, and are too scared to undergo any form of treatment. We offer free consultations where we can meet nervous patients and discuss any potential treatments they may be interested in whilst under the effects of dental sedation.

Sedation Aftercare

Because patients will be unaware of the actual treatment itself, they will need a chaperone to take them home safely from the practice. The majority of people who undergo treatment with sedation are able to return to work the following day – the effects will be temporary and the memory of the treatment will be forgotten.

What Treatments Can I Have Sedation With?

We are able to offer sedation to compliment the majority of our treatments. These treatments include:

Dental implants
Root canals
Scale and polishes

Free Sedation Consultations

We are happy to offer a free consultation where you can meet the dentist and discuss any treatments you may be interested in. They will explain sedation and what you can expect. We will always work at a pace that suits your needs and will never rush you into a decision. To book your free consultation please do not hesitate to call us today.

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