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Children’s Braces In Tamworth

It is very important that children see their dentist regularly. This is because from an early age your child’s dentist can see how the development of your child’s teeth is coming along and if there will be any major problems along the way, that may affect how their adult teeth grow. Here at Ascent Dental Care Tamworth, our dental professionals have years of experience dealing with children and their teeth to make them feel comfortable and at ease, so that they won’t dread coming to the dentist. If you child doesn’t see an orthodontic dentist regularly and your child has problems with their adult teeth, it can be more costly and time consuming to try and resolve the situation.


When Should You Bring Your Child To See A Orthodontic Dentist?

If you notice that your child has wonky teeth or a mouth full of crowded teeth, you should bring them to see an orthodontic dentist, so that they can assess your child’s teeth to see if it will affect the way the adult teeth will grow. In addition If your child’s teeth stick out, or if they suck their thumb or fingers, they will need to be seen, as this can affect the way the adult teeth grow, and may require braces. Also if you notice your child has chewing or biting difficulty, they will need to be seen to access they way their teeth are growing.

If My Child Does Need Braces, How Much Will They Cost?

Our prices start from £1,250. However everyone is different and more severe cases will cost more, as well as needing more treatment time. To make sure that your child is receiving the best treatment for them at the best price, we offer free consultations with one of our highly trained orthodontic dentists, who will discuss all the options available to you, to meet your child’s needs.

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