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Composite Build Ups In Tamworth

Composite build ups are becoming a most popular ways of enhancing teeth. People choose to have composite build up, over many other treatments available because it is an affordable, pain free way of getting that perfect smile you have always dreamed of. Gone are the days of horrible, noticeable mercury fillings, gappy teeth and even patchy/discoloured teeth. Composite build up can be made to match the natural colour of your teeth, which is why so many people are choosing to have it. Call us and book your free consultation today.


What Are Composites?

Composite is a material that dentists use if they need to restore teeth or as an adhesive to enhance teeth cosmetically. The Composite material can be used to hide gappy teeth, by building it up in a way which will link your teeth perfectly together without being noticeable. It is also used for white fillings and composite veneers.

Why Would I need to Have a Composite Build Up?

If you have gappy teeth, chipped/uneven teeth or even stained teeth, composite build ups could be an ideal treatment for you. Book in for a free consultation today, with one of our dental experts, so that they can check if composite build up is suitable for your case.

Is Composite Resin Safe?

Yes composite build ups are perfectly safe. The materials that we use are BPA free composite materials which is safe to use.

How Much Will It Cost To Have a Composite Build Up?

Our prices start from £120, however all cases are different, and our prices will reflect on the severity of your case. However please book a free consultation today, with one of our dental experts, so that they can assess your situation and discuss the best treatment at the best price available to you.

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