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Do I Need An Extraction?

At our practice we are able to offer a wide variety of treatments to meet many different needs. These can vary from braces, dental implants, to full cosmetic smile make overs. Sometimes though it is required for general work to be carried out to maintain the health of your mouth, such as extractions.

What Are Extractions?

An extraction is where the tooth is removed from the gum out of the patients mouth, while they are administered with local anesthetic of course!


Why Would I Need To Have An Extraction?

People tend to have teeth extracted if the tooth is beyond repair, due to extensive decay. This can be due to poor oral hygiene, teeth growing at an awkward angle or bad diet etc. However your dentist will not be willing to extract your teeth willy nilly, if there is any chance that the tooth can be salvaged, it will be, because our dentists prefer to work with natural teeth and it is also better for the health of your mouth to have your natural teeth for as long as possible.

What Can Cause A Tooth To Be Extracted?

If you have suffered from serious tooth decay, an infection, such as advanced gum disease or suffered trauma to the tooth, past the point of it being saved, it will have to be extracted. In addition having too many teeth can lead to you having an extraction, especially if the extra teeth are blocking the regular teeth from coming through.

How Much Will An Extraction cost?

Our extractions cost from around £110 per tooth, but to make sure you are getting the best treatment at the best price, we offer free consultation with one of our professional dentists, who can discuss all the options available to you, including payment plans to help you get that perfect smile.

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