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Smile Make Overs in Tamworth

When your out and about meeting new people the first thing you will notice is their teeth, especially when they talk. So if you have teeth your not 100% happy with, you may notice other people staring at them. Having bad teeth due to staining, gummy smiles or gaps in your teeth etc, can lead to low self confidence. People tend to associate bad looking teeth with a lack of hygiene and uncleanliness, which isn’t always the case.


Different types of cosmetic treatments will be used on your teeth and gums to create a perfect smile. One you have your perfect smile your confidence should increase, along with the compliments to your perfect looking teeth.

What Can A Smile Make Over Treat?

Chipped teeth
Uneven wonky teeth
Gummy smiles
Gappy teeth
Worn down teeth
Narrow smiles
Stained patchy teeth (white/brown etc)
Teeth that are seen as too small or too big

What Treatments Will Be Used For My Smile Make Over?

As we are all different, the treatments used will depend on your exact needs, as some cases are worse than others and will need more treatments and time. We offer lots of different treatments, for our Smile Make Overs. Some include cosmetic, orthodontic, implants and general treatments, which will pretty much solve all your dental problems.

How Much Will A Smile Make Over Cost?

Depending on how much work is needed on your Smile Make Over and how much time it will take, will all dictate the cost for your treatment. We are all different and some cases are worse than others. However to make sure you get the right treatment for you at the right cost, we offer free consultation with one of our dental professionals to discuss the options available to you.

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