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Tooth Recontouring In Lichfield

Are you unhappy with the way your teeth look? Do they look mishaped, cracked or crooked? If they do then tooth recontouring may be for you.

What is Tooth Recontouring?

Tooth recontouring is a dental procedure that your dentist can use to change the shape, length or surface of your teeth (which is also known as tooth sculpting and tooth reshaping).


What’s the Tooth Recontouring procedure?

The reason people tend to chose to have their teeth recontoured, rather than any other dental procedure is because it is a quick procedure, compared to other treatments out there. As we are all different you will need to speak to one of our dental professionals so that they can assess your case at the free consultation. As some people will need more work and time than others, which can be more costly. Our dental professionals will take X-rays of your teeth so that they can see what they have to work with, when it comes to the gum and bone strength that you have. Our dentists will then recontour your tooth to give that perfect smile look, by getting rid of any chips or blemishes you might have.

How much is Tooth Recontouring?

We start our tooth recontouring prices from £120. However as all cases are different, we offer free consultation with one of our dental professionals to discuss the best treatment and price available, as recontouring may not be the most suitable treatment for your needs. In addition if you are already one of our orthodontic patients then tooth recontouring will be included in your treatment package.

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