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Dental Fluorosis Tamworth

As your teeth are developing if you experience high levels of fluoride, it will affect the enamel, which is the outer layer of the tooth and can also cause staining to the tooth.


Who Does This Effect?

Dental fluorosis affects children from the ages of 3 months to 8 years old, as this is when the tooth is still in its developing stage. In less severe cases dental fluorosis is hardly noticeable. However in more severe cases the tooth can become rough, which can make it hard to clean and also suffer from brown markings. The stains can be treated with whitening treatments.

How Can I Prevent Fluorosis From Happening?

If you try to limit the amount of fluoride you child has, it will reduce the chances of them suffering from dental fluorosis, as this only occurs when young children are exposed to too much fluoride.

What Contains Fluoride?

There are many things that we use, eat or drink in every day life that causes fluoride. Some mouthwash’s contain fluoride, however not all of them do, so please read the label. Certain foods also contain fluoride such as processed foods or soy foods. In addition water contains fluoride, however the amount depends on the area you live in so check with your water supplier, for the correct amounts.

As dental fluorosis occurs at a very early age it is important that your child sees the dentist and the hygienist regularly so that they can be monitored for fluorosis, so that it can be identified at an early stage, which will be easier to treat.

I Want To Be Treated For Dental Fluorosis

If you would like to be treated for dental fluorosis or are worried about your child, please book in with one of our dental professionals today, so that they can assess you case and discuss the best treatment available to you.

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