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Fixed Or Removable Braces In Tamworth

Having crooked or wonky teeth can have a negative effect on your confidence and whether or not you feel comfortable to smile in public. You may be considering braces to correct your teeth. With modern dentistry there are now many different systems that can be used to effectively straighten your teeth. The number of appliances available does mean it can be very confusing for patients to know which system will be the most suitable for them, whether it be fixed or removable. Even though there are many different systems now, there are many that have been developed to treat specific problems and complaints with teeth. Meaning some systems will be more suitable than others for your teeth.

Free Consultations

The initial step we offer to straighter teeth is the free consultation. At the free consultation we will examine your teeth and identify which is the most suitable treatment for you. Not only is the end result very important to both the patient and dentist, but the journey to straighter teeth is as well. What this means is, comfort and aesthetics are also important factors in deciding which treatment is the most suitable for you. Modern braces have been designed to have comfort and aesthetics in mind. Fixed braces have been designed to use gentle forces that give you the results you want but in more friendlier and gentle manner. There are also clear bracket variants of the fixed brace as well to make it a more discrete and enjoyable treatment. Removable options include aligner systems that are very discrete and can be taken out to eat and drink and for social occasions as well.

Some of the fixed options include:

Some of the removable options include:

If you are interested in exploring your options to straighten your teeth, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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