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How To Relieve Sensitive Teeth After Whitening

Once you have whitened your teeth, you may feel some sensitivity. However there are ways to relieve the feeling of sensitivity to your teeth. If you brush your teeth before you whiten your teeth and not after, you would be reducing the amount of sensitivity your teeth feel. This is because whitening your teeth opens up the pores of your teeth, and brushing your teeth straight after whitening causes the pores of your teeth to be opened up even more exposing the dentin which causes sensitivity. Your teeth contain two layers an outer layer called enamel and an inner layer called dentin and thats where the nerves in the teeth are and if exposed will cause sensitivity.


You can always use a sensitive toothpaste such as sensodyne, when brushing your teeth twice daily to help reduce sensitivity. In addition (depending on whitening treatment you have chosen) you can always put some sensodyne into your whitening trays to where over night to soothe the sensitivity.

After whitening you can always use a ph re-balancing mouth wash or if you don’t have a ph balancing mouth wash then use water, but don’t use a normal mouthwash as it can contain some chemicals that are acidic, and the chemicals found in whitening gels are also slightly acidic, which will lead to sensitivity. Getting your teeth back to their original ph balance will help your teeth to recover quicker.

If you are interested in whitening but are worried about any damage you think it may cause to your teeth or are worried about the sensitivity factor of whitening, then please book a free consultation today with one of our dental professionals, who will discuss all the options available to you.

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