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What Are Zirconia Crowns?

Zirconia crowns are normally used on people who have worn down teeth or have missing teeth. They not only improve the appearance of a gappy smile or uneven smile due to worn down teeth, but they also help with the functionality of the tooth or teeth. Zirconia Crowns are made up of a safe ceramic material and is also used for other medical purposes such as artificial joints due to its durability and strength.

Why Would You Need Zirconia Crowns?

Here are the following reasons why you may consider a Zirconia Crown:

Missing tooth/teeth
Protect a weakened tooth (from decay)
Restore a worn down/broken tooth
Securely fitted to a dental implant as a restoration
Support & cover tooth with a large filling

How Are Zirconia Crowns Fitted?

Like most other crowns available on the market, there are two stages to the fitting of Zirconia Crowns. Your teeth will be prepared ready for the crown to be fitted. Impressions of your teeth will then be taken with putty. Then the impressions will be sent off to the laboratory to be created. Once your crowns have been created your dentist will then fit them to your existing tooth or teeth. If you have a missing tooth or teeth then your dentist will have to fit the crown to a dental implant (if thats the option you have chosen). When your Zirconia Crowns have been fitted they will require the same level of attention as your natural teeth when it comes to oral hygiene. Zirconia Crowns will look like your natural teeth and give you that picture perfect smile you have always dreamed of.

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