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Sedation With Treatments

Even though dentistry has advanced over the years, there is still often a negative stigma and fear with “visiting the dentist”. This can be a deep down fear of the treatment, smells, sights or even a past traumatic experience that has lead to a long term fear of that dreaded trip. We have seen many nervous patients over the years and one of the more popular ways for these patients to go through treatment, is by having it with sedation.


What Is Sedation

Sedation at dental practices will not put you fully under, but it will induce you into a deep state of relaxation. You will be able to respond to the dentist’s question, but you won’t have any recollection of the treatment during and after. You will require a chaperone to take you home after the treatment as you won’t be in a position to control yourself or make decisions. The effects of the sedation won’t last long after the treatment but we always strongly advise that you plan for someone to be with you, to ensure you are safe. The sedation works by causing short term memory loss for that period of time. It is a very safe procedure carried out by trained professionals who have completed many treatments with sedation.

What Can I Have Sedation With?

If you are a truly petrified patient who does not, or cannot go through with treatment, we are able to offer sedation with the majority of treatments. This can include treatments such as:

Dental implants
Root canals
Even scale and polishes!

We have had patients come to us in the past who were unable to walk through the front door without assistance and wouldn’t of dreamed of having treatment without sedation. After working with them we have helped them to overcome their fears and in quite a few cases, enabled them to even have treatment without sedation.

If you are in need of a gentle dentist who offers such treatments under sedation, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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