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Why Do I Have Sensitive Teeth?


What Are Sensitive Teeth?

There are many different types of sensitivity that people can suffer from. Your sensitivity could be mild and hardly noticeable such as sipping on a cold drink, which could make you feel a sharp twinge, to severe sensitivity, such as constant pain. If you suffer from sensitive teeth you should consultant with your dentist as it could be a result of a more serious dental problem.

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Your teeth are made up of and outer layer called enamel and an inner layer called dentine. The dentine layer contains the nerves of the teeth. If the enamel is worn away the dentine is then exposed leaving you with sensitivity.

Other aspects that can cause sensitivity are:

Brushing your teeth too hard – This can wear away the enamel causing sensitivity. In addition if you brush your teeth too hard you can cause your gums to recede which leaves the nerves exposed and that can also cause sensitivity.
Gum disease – If you don’t take care of your oral hygiene, you can get a build up of plaque and tartar which can lead to gum shrinkage which exposes the nerves and leads to sensitivity and in more severe causes and lead to tooth loss.
Tooth grinding – If you grind your teeth you wear away the enamel which exposes the dentine underneath with leads to sensitivity.
A cracked tooth or filling – If you have a crack in your tooth or filling it can lead to sensitivity by eating or drinking hot or cold foods and they can travel down the crack of the filling or tooth and reach the nerve which can cause severe pain.
Tooth bleaching - Some people feel some short term sensitivity when it comes to bleaching their teeth. However there are ways of reducing the amount of sensitivity you feel, for example use a sensitive toothpaste.

For more information on sensitivity or if you would like some treatment for sensitive teeth, please book in for a free consultation today, with one of our dental professionals who can assess your case and discuss all the possible options available to you.

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