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Why Would I Need Dentures?

Dentures are a treatment that are used when you need to either replace a couple of teeth (partial dentures), to full sets of missing teeth (complete dentures).


There is a common association between dentures and older people. It is more common for the older generation to require such prosthesis’ (denture restorations) but requiring a denture can occur at any age. There may be a number of reasons why you have lost your teeth, such as, old age, disease, or accident. If you do require a solution for your missing teeth, we offer free consultations so we can asses your case and identify what will be the most suitable options for you. Like all treatments we offer, there can be many different options that may be more suitable for your individual case, so there is no one size fits all solution.

Fixed and Removable

One of the many questions we often hear patients asking is which option is better, fixed or removable. With modern advances in dentistry, it is now possible to offer an implant retained denture which combines dental implants (which will anchor in your new teeth for stability and security) and dentures (which will look like natural teeth and be made to be comfortable for your individual needs). At the free consultation we will discuss with you what would be your ideal end scenario, to identify which option will best meet your needs. Unfortunately not everyone will be a suitable candidate for dental implants but we will always discuss suitable alternatives with you. To successfully place implants, there needs to be sufficient bone for the implant to fuse with. In some cases a bone graft may be possible prior to placing the implants.

With removable dentures we always believe in comfort as well as aesthetics and functionality. Our dentures are always made for each individual patient we see, so they fit comfortably, and will function more like their own teeth. By being a more snug fit, the teeth will be more stabilised than ill fitting dentures that were not made for that patient’s individual needs.

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