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Will Having A Root Canal Mean That My Teeth Will Be Perfectly Healthy Afterwards?

If you are due to have a root canal you may have a few questions relating to the procedure itself. One of the most common questions we hear in practice is; will the tooth be fine afterwards.


Unfortunately with root canals we need to first look at why you may need one in the first place. A root canal is the recommended course of treatment when a tooth has become badly infected (to the pulp) and is the last chance of saving the tooth before moving on to an extraction. There are no guarantees when it comes to root canals as the chances of a tooth surviving can be quite slim, depending on how deep the decay has set in. If the tooth is saved, there will always be a chance that the tooth could become infected again, and there are no guarantees for it to stay perfectly healthy. We will always endeavour to save your teeth for as long as possible, but will advise the patient of the best course of action if a tooth needs to be extracted e.g gap management options.

will having a root canal mean that my teeth will be perfectly healthy afterwards?

Why Might The Tooth Suffer From Infection Again?

Infection can strike at any time and even with the best hygiene and precautions in place, things can occur. We will always advise practising a healthy oral hygiene routine to minimise the chances of any problems occurring and to also attend regular checks ups with the dentist and hygienist. The dentist will be able to spot any potential problems and can pick up on things before they become too bad e.g if a tooth is starting to show signs of infection. A hygienist will give your teeth a professional clean to help break up the build up of bacteria, in those hard to reach places.

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