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Do Braces Hurt?

This is a common question when patients are considering orthodontic treatments. Traditionally braces have been known to elicit substantial pain during treatment. However with modern day options the pain of orthodontic treatment can be minimised.


Generally there is some aching and discomfort, which feels like bruising, during the initial weeks, however this tends to subside fairly quickly. We normally advise conventional painkillers (what you would normally use for a headache) and a soft diet. In addition to this when braces are fitted, especially fixed braces, they can often feel sharp on the lips cheeks and tongue in the initial weeks. We offer all patients some orthodontic wax which enables any sharp areas to be smoothed out which again can help with pain management.

After the initial few weeks when adjustments are made there may be some pain but the overwhelming majority of patients tend to say that there is very little or surprisingly very little pain and much less pain than they were expecting.

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