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Inman Aligner Staffordshire

The Inman aligner is a type of removable orthodontic appliance that is used to correct minor straightening issues with the front teeth. Typically cases can be treated as quickly as 4-16 weeks! Unfortunately not everyone will be suitable as this is designed for the more minor cases and only deals with the front teeth and not the whole mouth. We offer free consultations so we can asses your teeth and see which options will be the most suitable for you. If you do not meet the criteria for the Inman aligner there may be other more suitable braces we offer that can meet your needs.

Inman Aligner


As well as being a short term orthodontic appliance, it is also a removable option that allows you to take out for eating and drinking. However, it is advised that the appliance is worn for the majority of the day as prolonged periods of time with the aligner out can cause the treatment to take longer to complete.

Why Would You Want The Aligner?

If you have some minor complaints with your front teeth then the Inman Aligner may be suitable for you. This is a custom made appliance that will have been designed to correct your tooth correctional needs. The system uses gentle forces and pressure to carefully position your teeth into the correct positions.

Because the Inman aligner is a short term appliance it does mean that it is also more cost effective than other systems. Our prices for the Inman system starts from £950 (from £1,650 for other brace systems).

The first step is always a free consultation so we can identify the viability of such a system. We then send you a treatment plan outlining your options.
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