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Orthodontics Tamworth

At our practice in Tamworth, we are able to offer a variety of different orthodontic systems to straighten teeth. Braces forms a big part of dentistry as more and more people are needing to have their teeth corrected and there are numerous companies researching into different ways of achieving this. Not so long ago the traditional way to do this was through the use of fixed metal braces. Now it is possible to offer all kinds of suitable alternatives, such as lingual braces (behind your teeth, very discrete), invisalign (removable clear aligners), damon braces (fixed metal or clear braces).


These are just a select few, but it gives you a good idea that there is a lot of options and solutions out there. The reason why there are now so many different types of braces is because there is a lot of different scenarios that can affect our teeth. Each scenario may require a different type of pressure or movement that only a certain type of brace can treat. We offer free consultations so we can asses your teeth and determine what options will be the most suitable for you.

As well as identifying the ideal brace for you it is also important to link the best brace to your lifestyle. For example, some options are more discrete than others and you may want to keep your treatment as discrete as possible. This can quite often be the case with adult patients and people who work in fields that require a lot of public speaking. We will take our time to asses your needs and identify what will work for you best, in terms of the actual treatment, and your lifestyle.

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