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Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Choosing to go down the implants route is not a decision that will be made lightly. Losing a tooth is not a pleasant experience at any age, and the effects it instantly has on your aesthetics and ability to eat food can take its toll on you. There are a number of options when it comes to replace missing teeth and it is advisable to book a free consultation in the first instance to get your initial assessment done so you understand what the treatment will mean for you exactly and if it is indeed a viable option for you.


Talking About Suitable Candidates

It may be strange to think you do need to be a suitable candidate for implants and that not everybody will be able to have them. This is because implants require there to be sufficient bone for them to be placed and that the bone is of good quality.

If we highlighted potential problems that may occur if you did go ahead with implants, we wouldn’t offer you the treatment because we wouldn’t want to place implants if they are likely to fail.

There is no 100% guarantee of any treatment being successfully as things can occur which may be out of our control, but we always take the necessary precaution steps when analysing a patient to ensure that if you did go ahead with the treatment, it would be suitable for you.

One of the factors that can prevent a patient from having implants is if they are a smoker. Smoking can cause implants to fail and we wouldn’t place them on a patient unless they first give up smoking.

If you have any perio (gum) disease, you will also need to get this treated before implants could be considered.

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