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How Will My Teeth Look After Braces?

When you are considering braces, it will be because you are not happy with the straightness of your teeth. Braces are used for correcting teeth over a period of time by using gentle forces to reposition teeth.


Depending on how crooked your teeth are and if they suffer from different bite problems e.g. overbite, under bite, over jet etc, can determine which type of brace is suitable for you, and how long it can be expected to treat you.

We offer free consultations so we can asses your teeth and identify what treatment will best meet your needs in terms of the end result, and the actual treatment itself.

Quite often we will see patients who have a particular treatment in mind or would like an option which is more discrete than others. At our practice we are able to offer an extensive range of treatments that can be used to correct and straighten teeth over a period of time.

This area of dentistry in particular has had several advances which has allowed for these variety of treatments to be offered. For example, Invisalign is quite a popular option as it is a removable option that utilises a clear aligner system. The aligners will consist of a series of aligners, that are to be worn consecutively, one after the other. As each new aligner is worn the teeth will gradually be moved into their new correct straight position.

If you are looking for a fixed option but would want it to be discrete, we do also offer clear wires and brackets that are fixed to the front. These are much more discrete than metal braces. One option is to have braces on the backs of your teeth for a completely invisible and fixed option.

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