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Options For Replacing Defective Fillings

Historically when you went to the dentist with a cavity (hole in the tooth) they would of used an amalgam (mercury) filling to fill cavity.


It is important to fill a cavity with a filing, as an untreated hole can allow food particles into the tooth, and eventually bacteria. Bacteria can then lead to infections and cause a lot of discomfort, pain and tooth ache. Depending on the size of the cavity, if the infection reaches the nerve of the tooth, it can require a root canal to save the tooth (not a guaranteed success rate).

Having a root canal is the last option to try and save the tooth before it has to be extracted. Extractions are always our last resort as your natural teeth will always be the best option for your mouth over restorations (even though they have advanced over the years).

Amalgam Worries

When it comes to amalgam based fillings, there is a worry that the harmful substance of mercury can leak into your mouth. There hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to say their is an associated risk of mercury poisoning and amalgam fillings, but we are advocates of using the more friendlier substance of composite when it comes to fillings.

At our clinic we are able to replace old amalgam fillings with white composites.

Not only will the fillings look more natural in your mouth and compliment your smile, but they will also serve the function as your old fillings did, by keeping bacteria out of your teeth.

When replacing your old amalgam filings we use high suction and rubber dam to safely dispose of the amalgam and ensure no particles are missed.

If you are interested in getting your amalgam fillings safely removed please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.

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