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The best natural foods to give your teeth natural whiteness.

You may be looking for or dreaming of ‘perfect’ white teeth. You may also be thinking that there are very few ways of achieving this that doesn’t involve regular trips to the dentist or having lots of treatments. In this posting you will see how this is not the only answer, and how you can help yourself on the way to achieving this also.


Through food! We know there are certain foods which are bad for teeth and these should be avoided at all costs, but there are others which will actually help your teeth to become whiter. In this post we look at some of these ‘raw’ / natural items.

You might think that strawberries would be the last thing to help make your teeth white due to their vivid red colour, but actually these summery fruits can really help. Strawberries contain something called ‘malic acid’ which is a natural property that can help remove discolouration.

This is quite a strange one as it probably wouldn’t be top of your list for ‘DIY’ ways to enhance the whiteness of your teeth. Eating onions wouldn’t greatly help for your breath but eating raw onions can actually slow plaque forming on the teeth. Half of the trick in this is that most people will probably clean their teeth after aswell, so this goes to help the cause too.


Apples are not only good for whitening teeth but they are great for your gums. As you crunch into an apple this helps to promote and strengthen the gum tissue. If you are looking for whitening properties of apples, then they are one of the fruits with the biggest water content which is a natural cleaner of the teeth because it increases saliva amounts in the mouth.
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Nuts and seeds
You might find it difficult to imagine that nuts and seeds can whiten the teeth as these are harder rather than softer foods, but this does have an advantage. Due to the more solid properties involved, these act like a brush against the teeth and the act of chewing helps to remove unwanted plaque and stains from the surface. Just don’t chew too mad or hard though, or your teeth could suffer!

Pears are further ways to naturally enhance the look of white teeth. They do this by having the effect of neutralising mouth acid – this is what is responsible for causing plaque and tooth decay which is essentially the opposite of keeping your teeth clean.

Don’t forget water
Whilst water isn’t a food, it is in many of the products mentioned above in some form. Remember that our body is comprised of over three-quarters water and therefore it is no surprise that any addition of this into our diet is a good thing. Drinking water in-between eating and drinking other foods can help keep teeth clean and white. Remember to drink still water rather than sparkling however, as the gas bubbles associated with sparkling water can damage teeth.

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