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10 Fun & Unusual Facts About Teeth

Every so often it’s nice to write about something different, unusual or light hearted, and we thought we’d give this a go in our latest blog post. To any animal, teeth are an invaluable thing, but just like everything in life even teeth have secrets or quirky facts associated with them. In our latest article we seek to inform you of some surprising facts or things you may never even have thought about concerning the subject of teeth.

Fact 1:

It is thought that the average person spends around over a month in their lifetime cleaning their teeth. That’s a lot of toothbrushes and toothpaste to get through also!

Fact 2:

Adult humans have 32 teeth, babies 20. This is different to our domestic pet friends – cats have 30 teeth, and dogs have more, standing at 42 teeth. Spare a thought for snails though. Despite their small size some are said to have over 25,000 teeth!

Fact 3:

Are you left or right handed? Studies have shown that you tend to chew food on the side of your mouth which correlates with your hand movement. I.e. Those who are right handed chew on the right hand side of their mouths.

Fact 4:

We think of finger prints as unique pieces of information about us – everyones finger print is different. This however isn’t the only thing. Our teeth are also unique ‘prints’ of revealing who we are. This is why dental records are a good form of identification if other avenues fail.

Fact 5:

Tooth enamel is one of the toughest substances in the human body. So next time you hear about worn enamel, think how strong this must have been in the first place.

Fact 6:

It is well known that brushing teeth alone is not sufficient – other measures like flossing need to be undertaken. Research has shown that a person can miss up to 40% of their mouth if they fail to floss.

Fact 7:

Plaque is a common bacteria found inside mouths. Did you know however that plaque is made up of around 300 different types of bacteria?

Fact 8:

Saliva is an important substance that is used to break down food, keep teeth clean etc. During a lifetime, an average person produces enough saliva to fill the size of two average swimming pools!

Fact 9:

Toothpaste (as we know it) is a relatively modern invention which has only been around for about 100 years. Before this, common substances used to clean teeth included chalk, lemon choice and even ash from charcoal. This is quite contrary to what we know now about some of these substances today.

Fact 10:

A smile is the first thing that over half of people notice about new people. What further reason do you need for looking after your teeth to promote and radiate that stunning smile!?


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