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Preparing for dental work

Preparing for dental surgery is something many people get understandably worried and concerned about. If you know you are having dental work done then the process can be similar to if you are having an operation at the hospital but perhaps on a lesser scale. In our latest blog post we will consider some tips and ways you can prepare for any upcoming dental work.    

1) Ensure you have a good consultation

No one likes these kinds of surprises and often fear and anxieties are created by the unknown. To help with this, ensure you have had a proper discussion with your dentist or surgeon before you even think about any work or setting dates. As the world of dentistry is quite a technical subject it can be easy to get lost in terms or concepts and this lack of understanding can also add to the worry. Ensure you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about any work which is to be carried out. Talk to your practitioner about your fears and concerns and ways these can be reduced. This is one of the most important things.

2) Think about before surgery.

Just like when you go to a hospital for an operation, you have to prepare the day before by not eating or drinking for example. This is usually because an anaesthetic is involved. Many dental treatments involve some kind of anaesthetic, and you should find out prior procedures with regards to eating, drinking and smoking. If you are having a local anaesthetic then the prior procedures may not be too extensive, but you will still need to check.

3) Think about after surgery.

Depending what you have had done and the type of intervention involved, you may not be able to drive or feel otherwise fully alert and capable. In these cases ensure you have transportation and someone to look after you in short term. Having someone to help can smooth and shorten your recovery time as it can take some stresses off you (e.g. by not having to worry about kids or pets.)

4) Choose the right clothes.

This might sound a bit of a strange one, but ensuring you wear something which is comfortable can be key. There is nothing worse than sitting / lying for a long period of time in uncomfortable clothes. Consider loose fitting garments and don’t wear your Sunday best. If you wear glasses / contact lenses remember to factor these into the clothing decision too!

5) Life after the procedure.

As you may expect, you won’t be able to return to normal straight away. Your diet is initially likely to be soft foods which require little ‘work’ by your mouth or teeth. Avoid foods which are strong, spicy or acidic as these will simply serve to aggravate the problem. Ensure you get adequate vitamins and minerals to aid your body in repairing itself – protein shake type drinks can be ideal for this. Despite the obvious temptation, avoid drinking through a straw as it can actually do more harm than good after a dental procedure.

You will also need to ensure you get plenty of rest and making some preparations to ensure you have everything close to hand can save a lot of stress and work. Ensure your sleeping space will be comfortable and have items / activities to stop you becoming bored.

Are you a worried or nervous patient? Look at our dedicated page to find out more on how we can help.

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