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The benefits of teeth whitening

With the rise in ‘cosmetic’ dental procedures becoming more popular, in our latest article we will consider teeth whitening and how this can help you if it is something you want to find out more about.

What is it?

Teeth whitening is a procedure which involves bleaching the teeth to make them a lighter colour. Although obtaining a perfect white is often out the question, this procedure can make teeth a few shades lighter, this getting closer to that perfect shade.

Teeth whitening has become something of a crazy with some beauty clinics and DIY kits existing to get results. The procedure of carrying out teeth whitening for payment is actually illegal unless it is done with a registered and professional dental person. Don’t be tempted to ‘cut corners’ as this can be risky to your health. If there is one piece of advice you take from this article, then that is to only visit a qualified person for this (or any other) dental procedure.

What does it involve? 

Teeth whitening doesn’t happen over one visit and you will need a number of visits to complete the procedure. The likely procedure is for a mouthguard to be made, based on a moulding of your teeth. You will then be required to wear this mouth guard for a set period and for so many times, applying a gel which bleaches the teeth. Other more advanced techniques exist such as those involving a laser to activate the whiteness in the gel.

Benefits of teeth whitening

There are many benefits to having the teeth whitened. These are some of the common responses we get when we ask clients why they want the procedure.

1) To improve confidence and self-esteem.

2) To get a ‘better and natural smile’ thus enhancing career, relationship etc prospects.

3) To look younger and more youthful.

The above are the type of things that matter the most to most people, but did you know there are other benefits of teeth whitening from an oral health or practical perspective?

1) Someone willing to invest in teeth whitening is more likely to take note of their dental and oral health generally. This can only be a good thing.

2) The procedure is affordable meaning you can achieve big results for relatively little cost.

3) The procedure is also surgery free, making it more accessible to even the most nervous of patients.

To find out more about teeth whitening visit the dedicated page for further information.


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