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The differences between National Health and Private dentists

When you require the services of dentists there are often two routes that can be accessed – either through the National Health Service or privately. We at Ascent Dental Care Tamworth offer a private dental service. Many patients can find it difficult and can become confused as to what the differences between the two actually are. In our latest posting we take a closer look at this.


*One of the biggest differences between the NHS and private treatment is that only the latter deals with cosmetic treatments so you are unlikely to get anything like this on the NHS. Cosmetic concerns what you can do to make your teeth / smile look better. Many private establishments (including ours) are experts and leading practitioners in the cosmetic field.

*Private dentists tend to engage in greater ability to set their own hours. This is often important for people who work late or in the case of emergency appointments for example. Often private dentists can offer appointments into the evening and at weekends also.

*Private establishments are not bound by funding restrictions or similar limitations. This means that the quality of treatment is more likely to be focused on as cost isn’t an issue in the same way as it may be elsewhere.

*You will find that treatment times are generally longer with private dentists and they are more likely to have experienced technicians that deal with certain specific areas of dentistry. You are unlikely to have to wait a long time to see a private dentist also.

*If a dental treatment exists, it is likely you will find it at a private clinic rather than anywhere else.



It is important to note that the same level of care and standards of work apply across the entire dentistry field – whether NHS or private. Everyone needs confidence in a dentist – wherever it is. The differences are often down to restrictions.

*Treatment on the NHS tends to be purposive and for a function rather than aesthetic. Procedures such as teeth whitening which enhance a smile are unlikely to be offered on the NHS for example.

*Budgets are more strictly imposed at NHS clinics as ultimately there is a need for services to be effective and efficient for the tax payer.

*As with all NHS services, sometimes there can be a supply and demand problem meaning patients are not seen as frequently or for as long as would otherwise be the case. Some clinics can be oversubscribed meaning it may be more difficult to get yourself registered.

*Available appointments can be rather restrictive (normally office hours.) Some clinics can offer treatments outside these times or on weekends, but there is normally a duty service at these times rather than your own specific dentist or practice.


We at Ascent Dental Care Tamworth pride ourselves on the high standards of care, pioneering and contemporary treatment, and flexible times to suit the modern person and the modern lifestyle.  We hope you will agree that we are all what you are looking for from a private dentist.

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