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Why Do You Need Dental Implants?


Reasons To Get Dental Implants

Dental implants are a major dental procedure that can transform the appearance of many who are insecure about their smile, but why do you need dental implants and is it the right treatment for you?

Increase Your Self-Confidence

Being unhappy with your smile can impact you on a deeper level than just how you look; it can negatively influence your self-worth and make you too self-confident to enjoy moments fully in case people see your teeth when laughing or smiling.

Dental implants are a long-lasting solution that can replace missing teeth or build you an entire new smile if you have lost all your teeth so you can smile confidently and not worry about issues such as dentures coming loose or your teeth looking unnatural which can happen with short term solutions.

Improve Teeth Functionality

Life is too short to limit what you can and can’t eat due to the functionality of your teeth. Enjoy a varied diet that includes hot, cold, crunchy and soft foods without the fear of hurting your gums due to missing teeth or breaking false teeth. This can be especially life changing if you have very few teeth remaining and are limited as to what you can eat.

Dental Implants Can Last Decades

Dental implants are an investment, and for good reason. Unlike other treatments such as dental bridges or custom built dentures, dental implants are built to last and when cared for as recommended by your dentist can last a lifetime. Long term dental implants are the most cost effective way of rebuilding your smile, as other options can degrade with time and need replacements which just add to the overall cost.

Protect Your Facial Structure

Long periods of time with missing teeth and empty gaps along the gum line can cause bone deterioration in your jawbone which can lead to an unnatural, potentially gaunt, face shape. It is proven that dental implants are the only treatment that prevents further bone loss and actually stimulates bone growth so that you can restore your natural facial structure.

Natural Comfort

Unlike dentures that are secured in place with adhesive, dental implants are implanted into your gums and become a part of your smile. Due to this, they feel 100% comfortable as the implants are crafted to fit alongside your existing teeth and are just as fully functional as if you had grown them yourself. Your implants will look and feel like natural teeth, you even brush and floss them just as you would the rest of your teeth for maintenance of a healthy smile, no special cleaning required!

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