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How Do Dental Implants Feel?

Dental implants are a large procedure, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be fully researched before proceeding with.

Unlike with dentures, you are unlikely to feel dental implants in your mouth as they feel like they are part of your natural smile. Because of this, you won’t feel sensitivity in your implants as you would with a natural tooth, so you won’t have to worry about the inability to eat or drink certain things as you won’t feel any pain or negative sensations.

Our patients often invest in dental implants as a permanent solution instead of dentures. Whilst dentures may be cheaper in the short term, dental implants are a long-term cost-effective way of restoring your smile without the need for denture glue or other accessories. Dentures come with more cons than pros, including:

*An adjustment period to get used to wearing the dentures

*Decreased taste

*Adjustments may be necessary over time to ensure they stay secure and fitting correctly

*Not a permanent solution

*Gum irritation is not secured correctly

There are many benefits to dental implants but one of the main benefits which is often the driving force behind patients opting for dental implants over other options is because the teeth are implanted into your gums. They become a permanent part of your natural smile, crafted to fit in between any existing teeth you may have and shaped similarly to your natural teeth so that your facial structure is protected.

The actual procedure for dental implantation is pain-free as you will be sedated and your gums will heal in 6-12 weeks, meaning that your smile will be fully functional and start to feel like part of your natural set of teeth in a very short amount of time. Like other major cosmetic treatments, you will feel slight discomfort during the healing process whilst your bone gets used to the pressure of a newly implanted tooth but this should pass after the first few weeks.

Whilst the implants beneath the gums are metal, there will be no metallic taste and you can brush/floss your implants as you would a natural tooth as they are designed to act like natural teeth.

We have helped hundreds of our clients get the dream smile they long for, check out our before and after photos of real people and real results!

To find out more information about dental implants, visit our dental implants page to find out more about our treatment and our promise to you.

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