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How to Prevent Teeth Staining

It’s no secret that an increasing number of people are deciding to opt for the use of cosmetic dentistry treatments as to whiten their teeth. Treatments such as teeth whitening aim to remove any staining from the surface of the teeth, and are highly sought after by those looking to brighten and improve the appearance of their smile. However, what precautions can you take to prevent your teeth from becoming stained in the first place? Below, we’ve compiled a list of the precautions you can take to prevent teeth staining.

Brush your Teeth After Meals

The things that you choose to eat and drink, especially those of a higher pigmentation, have the potential to cause staining to your teeth if no precaution is taken after consumption. One of the best ways that you can work to prevent staining from taking place is to remove any remaining food or drink molecules from your teeth before they have the chance to cause any permanent staining. This can be achieved easily by ensuring that you aim to brush your teeth between meals and after the consumption of drinks that could be potentially harmful to the overall appearance of your smile, such as coffee. Rinsing your mouth after meals as to remove excess food from your teeth can also prove effective and is more practical for at work settings; however, you should always properly brush your teeth if able as this is the most impactful way to prevent permanent tooth staining.

Drink Through a Straw

Beverages such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks are known to cause permanent staining to the surface of teeth overtime, causing yellowing and altering the appearance of your smile. However, this damage can be minimised by aiming to avoid the contact of such drinks to your teeth during consumption; a great way to do this is through the use of a straw. This is a great way to significantly limit your levels of exposure to substances that can prove harmful to your overall dental aesthetics, assisting in keeping your smile whiter for longer.

Use a Whitening Toothpaste

As over-the-counter teeth whitening products have developed over time and the use of peroxide in products such as whitening toothpastes has become favoured as opposed to abrasive substances with the potential to cause more harm than good, such products have become more effective in providing you with a brighter smile. However, as peroxides only stay upon the tooth’s surface for short periods of time, they will only whiten your teeth a small amount and these results will not last for very long. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to issues caused by the staining of teeth, you may find the use of cosmetic dentistry treatments to prove more impactful.

Consider Teeth Whitening Treatments

Professional tooth whitening can be a great way to improve the appearance of stained or yellowed teeth. This can be a great way to reverse any effects caused by staining. Teeth whitening carried out by a cosmetic dentistry professional is an extremely safe and effective procedure, allowing you to achieve a whiter smile without any of the risks that may be known to accompany over-the-counter teeth whitening methods such as whitening strips and gels that are known to weaken teeth enamel over time.

To conclude, there are many ways in which the staining of teeth can be prevented, helping you to maintain a brighter smile for longer. While there are limited ways to effectively reverse the effects of staining to teeth, professional tooth whitening can be a great way to whiten teeth, improving your dental aesthetics.

To learn more about how this cosmetic dentistry treatment method can help to improve the appearance of your teeth, visit our dedicated teeth whitening page and discover what Ascent Dental Care Tamworth can do to help you.

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