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Methods of straightening teeth

Everybody wants to have a perfect smile, however there are few who are naturally blessed with perfectly straight teeth. However, this is not to say that your teeth have to stay the way that they are forever. If you are self-conscious about your teeth, there are plenty of solutions available to rectify this, which we will begin to explore within this article.

Metal braces

Metal braces are the most popular method of straightening teeth, and are very effective at improving smiles. A typical metal brace is usually comprised through four different parts; The arch wire, elastic, brackets, and the bonding material which holds the brace together and in place. These parts act as tools to place pressure on your teeth, in order to make them move in a certain direction, until they are in the correct position.

Metal braces are a cheaper option for teeth straightening, as they have been used for years but are clearly visible on the teeth, making them less aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the patient, braces usually are kept on your teeth for around two years.



One of the most recent methods introduced to teeth straightening. They are very popular due to the fact that they are very well concealed when in place, as they are designed with the patients comfort and discretion in mind.

The procedure involved with placing Invisalign on your teeth is very simple, and Invisalign is comprised of aligner trays which add more comfort and are less wearing on your teeth when compared to metal braces.

Once in place, the individual aligners will shift the patient’s   over an extended period of time. Your dentist will replace the old aligners every couple of months until eventually, your teeth are where they should be.


Cosmetic contouring

This is aimed for patients who have particularly misshapen teeth. Cosmetic contouring is a very effective procedure and only takes around thirty minutes to be complete, over one visit. The procedure involves the re-shaping and contouring of any problematic teeth, whilst also repositioning the teeth to be more cosmetically pleasing.

The surgery involves a sanding drill and laser to sculpt the teeth, through removing the enamel and altering the teeth as is necessary. Once in the correct shape and position, the teeth will be smoothed over and polished.


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