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Single Visit Chair side Dental Restorations

What Is CEREC 3D?

CEREC is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and is a digital CAD/CAM 3D computer programme that enables the dentist to make the dental restoration (onlays and inlays, crowns etc) while the patient is waiting.

How Does The CEREC Programme Work?

The procedure and process involved in CEREC will comprise of:

Design Phase

The dentist will photograph the treatment area
The CEREC software will create a 3D model from the photograph (approximate shape and dimensions of the restoration)
The measurements will be refined by the dentist using the CAD software

Restoration Phase

The information of the restoration will then be transmitted to the milling machine
Using a block of restorative material, the milling machine will fabricate the restoration
The tooth being treated will then have the restoration fitted

How Long Does The CEREC Process Take?

This is case dependant, depending on how many restorations are needed, but it can take around one hour. The new teeth will be made to blend in with your teeth for a beautiful and natural smile. We use materials that are safe to use and will be strong as well, to last longer for the patients.

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