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Zirconia Crowns

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Natural Looking Zirconia Crowns

That blend in with your smile

What Are They?

Zirconia crowns are a type of dental restoration that can be used to improve an existing tooth’s function/appearance, or to even replace a full missing tooth. They can often be used alongside with dental implants which will anchor the tooth in place securely or dental bridges which can be used to bridge a gap in your mouth.

Zirconia is a type of material which is made up of Zirconium Oxide and it is a strong type of ceramic material that is safe to use in the mouth. This type of material is often found in other medical areas such as artificial joints as it has two valuable factors of being strong and durable.

Why Have Zirconia Crowns?

Some of the man complaints that are treated with Zirconia crowns are:

If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth
If your tooth/teeth have become weakened from decay
Build up on broken or worn down teeth
To securely replace a missing tooth in conjunction with dental implants
Cover and support a tooth with a large filling

What Benefits Does Zirconia Have?

Some of the main benefits associated with this type of crown are:

Strength - This is a core benefit to Zirconia as it means the crowns are much stronger than other materials and can last longer as a result.

Aesthetics - not only will these crowns function like your natural teeth, but we will make them to blend in with your natural smile so they will be unnoticeable!

Minimal tooth preparation - when going ahead with crowns the tooth will need to be prepared in preparation for the crown fitting. With Zirconia there is minimal preparation so more of the original tooth will be preserved.

How Will The Crowns Be Fitted?

The process for fitting Zirconia crowns is similar to other crowns:

Stage 1
This stage will involve assessing your teeth and taking measurements for your custom made crown. Before we do any treatment we will always explain everything in detail so you are able to make an informed decision. We will prepare the tooth which will involve cleaning the tooth and to slightly reshape it (ready for the crown to go on top).
We will use a non toxic putty to then take an impressions of your teeth which will then be sent to the dental laboratory to make your new tooth/teeth.

Stage 2
When we have received the crown back from the lab, we will be able to fit it to your tooth. Depending on your exact case, the crown will either be fitted onto the prepared tooth or it will be secured in place onto the dental implant.
We will always take care when fitting a crown to ensure it looks natural and in line with your other teeth, so no one will even be able to tell!
Like your natural teeth, the Zirconian crowns will need the same oral hygiene care that your natural teeth need (to help maintain them as long as possible).

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