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What Is Enlighten?

Enlighten is a type of home whitening system that have been developed by the Enlighten research labs. They are well known for their products in the whitening field and they use state of the art technology and their knowledge and expertise to offer a high quality whitening system.

Why Is Enlighten So Different?

The way Enlighten is carefully manufactured and transported to the practice means the Enlighten product is superior to other brands. They are considered the leading lab when it comes to teeth whitening technology.
At the first visit (free consultation) we will look at your teeth and explore the options of whitening. We will explain the different options that are available and what system will be the most suitable for you. Enlighten is used in conjunction with the home whitening system, and comprises of trays and whitening gel.

Is Enlighten Suitable For Me?

Each patient is different and will have different needs to each other. We will asses you on an individual basis and explore what options will be suitable for you. To find out more information please call us and book your free consultation today.

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