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Accurate Dental Implant Preperation

What Is Simplant?

Simplant is a piece of software that can take a CT scan taken of your mouth and turn it into a fully 3 dimensional model, allowing for the implant dentist to accurately plan the placements of each implant.

Whats The Benefits of Simplant?

This is very useful for the dentist as it will help show the structure of your jaw, allowing for a very efficient and accurate placement of the implants, giving the patient the results they are after.

How Long Will Treatment Take With The Use Of Simplant Technology?

This will depend on how severe your case is and what is needed. With or without the use of Simplant will not directly affect the length of time it will take for your treatment to be completed.

What Is Involved In Placing Implants With Simplant?

Placing dental implants with the use of simplant involves the following:

A CT scan is taken.
Using simplant, this scan is then turned into a 3D model on a computer.
The dentist will run through a trial implant placement on the software, which will show where the sinuses, blood vessels and vital nerves are inside the patients jaw.
During the placement of the actual implants, simplant will act as a surgical guide to help ensure they are placed even more accurately and safely.
Once the implants are successfully placed, they will be covered in the gums and the healing period will commence.
After the healind period, the final restoration will be securely fitted to the tops of the dental implants.
CT scan with simplant technology

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