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BPA Free Composite Fillings

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Fillings That Don't Contain Bisphenol A (BPA)

What Is BPA (Bisphenol)?

BPA, is short for Bisphenol, and is most commonly found in the organic compound that is used in the making of plastics. Certain recent research around BPA has had controversy as the compound does exert small, but detectable amount of hormone type properties. This has lead to many countries banning the use of BPA in food containers, especially when it comes to baby bottles.

Will BPA Fillings Be Dangerous?

Even though there is controversy surrounding the use of the BPA compound, it has been stated that if there is a risk, it will have a minimal affect on our health.

Why Have BPA Free Fillings?

BPA free fillings will give you exactly the same result as normal fillings do, functioning in the same way, but without including the BPA compound. We offer both varieties so patients do have the choice if they are worried about the effects of BPA.

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