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Airflow Jet Teeth Polishing

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Cosmetic Jet Wash

Powerful cleaning with fantastic results

What is Airflow Jet Polishing?

Airflow is a treatment that falls under the hygiene category. It is a method of effectively cleaning your teeth to tackle any stubborn stains. Its like a car jet wash but for your teeth, that polishes and cleans at the same time. The jetflow is a combination of air, water and sodium bicarbonate.

Airflow Polish


How Does The Airflow Treatment Work?

The nozzle of the airflow system will shoot out a concentrated high pressured blast of air, bicarbonate and water at the surfaces of your teeth. This method of cleaning will get into the very hard places to clean and all the nooks and cranny’s, leaving you feeling very fresh and refreshed.

This is seen as the next level of cleaning over a usual scale and polish, and has been proven to really tackle those stubborn stains.

Airflow Polish


Are There Any Risks With This Treatment?

In short, no. Airflow uses no chemicals and is a safe treatment to clean your teeth:

The bicarbonate used in the airflow system is non-toxic and will prove to be non-harmful if ingested by accident
Airflow is non invasive and will not be painful for the patient

How Much Does Airflow Cost?

For an airflow hygiene appointment, prices start from £95. Call us to book your appointment today.

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