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FREE Teeth Whitening, Retainers & Tooth Contouring

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Insignia is state of the art computer imaging software that Ormco have created which can be used alongside their braces they offer: Damon Clear/Metal and Ice Clear Braces.

When it comes to straightening your teeth, each patients case can vary significantly from one to the other, and the exact movements that are required to correct your teeth can significantly be different. With the use of the insignia software, a replica of your teeth will be created in 3D on the computer (to the exact measurements), allowing us to fabricate the ideal brackets and wires for your teeth.

In terms of orthodontics, this is a revolutionary technology that will mean your braces will be 100% matched to your teeth, giving you excellent results and quite often in shorter treatment times.

Insignia Braces


What This Orthodontics Programme Includes:

Free Consultation
Insignia Braces
Free Teeth Whitening
Cosmetic Recontouring
Follow Up & Maintenance Programme

Why Go Ahead With The Insignia Programme?

Insignia is not just a brace, it is a programme that is tailor made for your individual needs. The software will calculate the exact movements that will be required before the treatment is even begun. The programme will run a simulation to show you the results you can expect!
One of the main benefits associated with this programme is there are less visits to the dentist and can be a suitable treatment for both reens and adults who want a quicker teeth straightening treatment.
Some of the common problems this system could treat include:

Wonky & uneven teeth
Over, under, or cross bites
Gappy smile
Protruding teeth

Insignia Braces


How Long Will Treatments Take?

The exact length of time it will take to straighten teeth will depend on the severity of your case. At the free consultation we will be able to asses your teeth and give you a more accurate estimated treatment completion time. Typically, Insignia treatments can be completed by 25-40% quicker than more traditional systems.

Insignia Braces


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