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What Is Invisalign I7?

I7 is the latest product to be offered by the Invisalign family. This system has been designed for more minor cases that require minor tooth movements. Treatment times can be as quick as 3 months and it is an ideal treatment if you have a minor imperfection you have always wanted treating.

What This Orthodontics Programme Includes:

Free Consultation
Invisalign I7
Free Teeth Whitening
Cosmetic Recontouring
Follow Up & Maintenance Programme
Invisalign compared to traditional metal braces

Am I Suitable For The I7?

The I7 is typically aimed at very minor cases so not everyone will be a suitable candidate, but we are able to offer free consultations where we will assess your teeth and identify if it is indeed a viable option. Both teenagers and adults could potentially be suitable for this treatment.
One of the most common reasons why you may require the I7 is if you have had braces in the past before, but your teeth have now started to shift again, and you would like to correct than minor imperfection.

How Does Invisalign I7 Work?

I7 is a very typical Invisalign product and works in the same way. It utilises a series of aligners that will slowly and gently move your teeth into position. Each aligner is roughly worn for two weeks at a time before the next aligner is then worn.

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