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What Are Quick Straight Teeth?

Quick straight teeth are a comfortable and discrete way to quickly straighten your teeth, utilising the latest in invisible brace technology.

What This Orthodontics Programme Includes:

Free Consultation
Quick Straight Teeth
Free Teeth Whitening
Cosmetic Recontouring
Follow Up & Maintenance Programme

Why Choose Quick Straight Teeth?

Deciding to go ahead with braces can be a big decision, with many available options out there. Some of the main benefits associated with this system include:

Fast and effective results, can be seen as soon as 4-16 weeks!
Clear, comfortable, removable invisible trays
Suitable for a wide variety of ages
Minimal effect on your speech and dietary lifestyle
Stages of movement are very gentle and will easily fit into your lifestyle
Good value for your money

What Do You Get With The Quick Straight Teeth System?

The quick straight teeth programme is quite a unique system compared to other orthodontic systems, as it involves a combination of appliances that can be used on their own or as a combination throughout the treatment, to achieve the results you are after:

Q100 - Quick Straight Teeth Appliance


The Q100 is a custom crafted invisible/clear removable tray that will gradually and gently align your teeth.

Q200 - Quick Straight Teeth Appliance


The Q200 is the second appliance of the programme. The Q200 is very similar to Q100 but has the main difference of including a powerchain at the front of the tray. The powerchain is also clear like the tray and made out of an elastic material. This powerchain will apply a gentle force that will focus on moving your front teeth.

Q500 - Quick Straight Teeth Appliance


The Q500 is considered the flagship product in the quick straight teeth range. All the best parts of each appliance has been used in the Q500. Alongside the powerchain from the Q200, it also includes a Q spring that will focus on aligning the front teeth into a forward position.
The Q500 was specifically designed with the main aim of giving you much faster results than you can achieve with other aligner systems.

Q300 - Quick Straight Teeth Appliance


The Q300 was then developed as a hybrid based off the Q500. The main difference is that it uses an adams clasp. An adams clasp is clipped onto the underside of a premolar/molar tooth and is used for retention. This was designed for cases that may require occlusal surfaces (the opposing tooth in your jaw) to not be covered.

Q400 - Quick Straight Teeth Appliance


The Q400 is again a hybrid derived from the Q500. This has one main difference added on which includes molar bands for retention. This is because some patients may be interested in having the Q500 but may not be suitable, so this has been specifically designed for those patients.

QRetainer - Quick Straight Teeth Appliance

Q Retainer

Like all braces treatments on offer, you will need to have a retainer in place afterwards, to ensure your teeth do not revert back to their original position. The Q retainer has been developed to work alongside a bonded retainer, which will then enhance the retention of the patients midline.

Which Brace Is For Me?

There are many different problems that can occur with your teeth, depending on the exact problem, the most suitable brace will vary. Call us and book your free consultation today and we will discuss all suitable options with you.

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