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In need of an emergency dentist in Tamworth?

If your teeth and gums are feeling tender or painful, you may be thinking ‘where can I find an excellent emergency dentist near me.’ Here you have come to the right place, so please do not hesitate to book your emergency dental appointment today.

The cost for our emergency appointments are £57, plus the cost of the actual treatment (which we will fully inform you of at the appointment). We won’t know what the actual treatment that is required until we have seen you. At this appointment we will aim to alleviate you of any pain you are in, and then focus on a permanent solution to help prevent this from happening again. We know how much of an inconvenience and worry this can be, so rest assured that we provide quality emergency dental care when you need help the most.

If we identify that you need subsequent work to help prevent this pain from happening (fillings, crowns etc) we will book subsequent appointments to carry out all the necessary work. We will always explain what we recommend at each of our appointments.

Dental Emergencies can include:

Broken/Cracked teeth
Mouth Swelling
Broken Crowns
Jaw/Tooth/Gum Pain
Fallen out fillings
Wisdom Teeth Pain
Broken Braces
Broken Dentures
Avulsed Teeth
Broken Veneers
Dental Abscess
Trapped Objects
Infected Wisdom Teeth
Jaw Injuries
Partially Dislodged Teeth
Sensitive teeth
Dental Sports Injury
Soft Tissue Trauma
Dental Decay
Emergency Dentures
Gum Infections
Wisdom Tooth Pain
Impacted Canine/Wisdom Teeth

In The Event of a Dental Trauma

We understand you can be fully prepared for every eventuality but accidents can still happen. When they do, it is always good to know what you should do, acting as fast as you can.

The following information is useful tips on what to do in the event of your teeth suffering from trauma:

Broken Teeth/Tooth

If you have broken a tooth or multiple teeth we advise that you:

Carefully clean the injured site (to reduce the chance of infection)
Use a gauze (sterile) dressing to cover any exposed area – not a bandage
If you are able to find the broken tooth fragment, you can preserve it in saline from a first aid kit or milk, and then book an appointment with your dentist right away

Loosened Teeth

If you suffer a direct hit on a tooth it can start to feel loose. If this happens, we advise:

Cover the affected area with an ice pack
Extremely carefully and gently, try to push the tooth back into its socket
Make an emergency appointment straight away. The quicker your tooth is stabilised, you will have a higher chance of the tooth healing and reattaching itself

Intruded Tooth


Extruded Tooth


Luxated Tooth

Knocked Out Tooth

If a tooth is knocked out, this is again very time critical. The quicker you are treated, the more likely it will be that the tooth is able to reattach and heal.

We recommend the following for a knocked out tooth:

Make an emergency appointment straight away
Locate the knocked out tooth and carefully hold on the larger part (crown) and not the thin end (root)
Carefully clean off any large bits of debris, but avoid rubbing or touching the root
Very carefully rinse the tooth in a sink with the plug in. Do not scrub too hard and avoid the root
Gently attempt to put the tooth back into the socket, root first. Use a protective gause (medical covering) to cover the affected area or a tissue. This will be a temporary measure which can help stabilise the tooth till you see a dentist.
If its not possible to put the tooth in the socket and hold it in, place the tooth in some milk (water can kill cells on the root which are needed for the tooth to reattach)
Keep the tooth wet, because if it drys out it will die

If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort or dental trauma, please call us as soon as possible and we will book you an emergency appointment. Please remember that our emergency dentist services also cover Coventry, Lichfield and Nuneaton, aswell as Tamworth.

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