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Metal Dentures

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What Are Metal Dentures?

Metal dentures are made using a metal bottom casting instead of a plastic material. This can either be a modified metal base or the standard base. Standard bases do include a part of the metal to be in direct contact with the mouths soft tissue. The material used in this metal is non-allergic and is a medical compatible alloy.

The modified metal denture is still a metal base denture, but doesn’t use a metal on any bits touching the soft tissue of the mouth. This is an important modification as it is always preferred to not have metal in direct contact with the soft tissue. This is achieved by using a plastic liner between the metal bits and supporting tissue. Both hard and soft plastic can be used for this – with soft being the preferred choice. The main drawback of this, it needs redoing annually.

Why Have a Metal Denture?

In cases when you require a narrow denture, metal dentures are the preferred material, as they will be too weak if they are made from plastic. A metal base will provide the much needed strength in these situations.

Metal dentures are more suited for your lower jaw, as the weight of the metal will compensate for the missing teeth, making it more comfortable.

What Are The Positives & Negatives of Metal Dentures?


Clasps can be easily tightened
Precisely fit


More expensive than alternate dentures
Future adjustments are more difficult
Metal & gum contact can be uncomfortable
Sometimes the metal and gum contact proves uncomfortable for some patients. However, this can be controlled with a relining of the dentures

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